Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well here it is, my new hip pack. It is from a company called Sherpani and it's really cute. It also didn't seem to rub anywhere wrong on my first test walk with it. It has a lot of room and interior compartments. It is nice and flat so I don't look any wider. I like that! Now that I am back from vacation I have started walking again. I got a couple of good 3 mile walks in last week. I am still having a foot pain issue and trying to decide what to do. Since being unemployed, my medical plan is not great and costs me a lot of money. I would like to try everything I can before seeking a medical solution.

Today while walking I started hurting around the 1.5 mile point which is where it happens each time. We took a path that let us back through my local downtown area and since I was able to keep some $$ in my hip pack, we were able to stop and pick up a dish of Gelato for the last of the walk home. After about 10 minutes of not walking my feet felt better for the last part of the walk. They seem to feel better as soon as I am not walking. Tomorrow or Tuesday I am going to try a 3 mile walk in the morning and then see how an afternoon or evening walk will go. Maybe I can work in 3 x per day. Fingers crossed.

I am excited to hear about my teammates Missy and Laura taking really good long training walks. Keep up the good work ladies, i'm trying to keep up. :p


  1. Foot pain is WEIRD! My heel is killing me, but it actually hurts less WHEN I'm walking. I wonder what's happening with yours. Dr. Scholls has this foot analysis thingy at Walmart--I tried it out yesterday. It recommends which of the $50 inserts you should get. FIFTY DOLLARS. Sure.

  2. Love that hip pack - can you put a water bottle in it? I tried that food analysis thing at Walmart. It is pretty cool, and I think once it tells you what your problem is, you can get inserts cheaper. You have to take your current inner stuff out of the shoe or your foot sits too high and doesn't feel right (if you buy inserts for the shoes). Make sure you have good thick socks (footies) - I've got Thorlos and love them!

  3. I will have to find a Walmart near me and try it out.

    The hip pack doesn't have a place for a water bottle but I think there must be a solution that can be made. I am sure I can fashion some sort of device. Hopefully!