Wednesday, March 3, 2010


4 miles today and I fit it in on a pretty busy day. My feet hurt a lot still but better after resting. If they are OK tomorrow I am going back out.

While I walked today I started thinking about the camping part of this event. Yikes! Camping is typically not an activity that I enjoy. I like modern conveniences far too much. As a kid my dad would take us camping with our cousins in the New Mexico mountains. It was so fun however, I was always the kid that got hurt or fell off the log into the water. As a teenager my I went camping with my BFF and her family a couple of times in Florida. This is what sealed the deal with my dislike of camping. Bugs, snakes, humidity......oh, it's just so awful!

Camping at the event sounds much better than my past experiences. They will have some modern cons and I will be with fun people. I will also be so tired that a pile of leaves will look like the Hilton. As long as I don't have to cross any streams via a log I bet it will be great and I will do just fine.

My mom and I love the image posted above. This has been posted in my workspace for a while now. It fits.


  1. I am so right with you on not liking camping (and I was a G.S. volunteer for 15 years)! But I'll never think a pile of leaves looks like the Hilton - LOL! Luckily, Arizona won't have streams, and few bugs - no humidity, so you have nothing to worry about but bad hair because of no electricity! LOL!

  2. hahahahaha I love that air freshener! The camping part scares me the most. I've never done it in my life, so this will be interesting! PORTA-POTTIES...