Thursday, March 4, 2010

No miles today

My feet are still hurting from the 4 miles yesterday. I don't know whats up with that since I just got new shoes that feel great. I did some research and it sounds like I might need to get some fancy insoles.

Instead of walking today I saw "A Single Man." I have a goal of seeing all 10 best picture nominations before the Oscars Sunday night. The movie was really good. Colin Firth is an amazing actor and Tom Ford did a great job directing his first film. The movie was set in 1962 California so mostly I sat there and drooled over the sets and costumes. Now I just need to see "Blind Side" and "The Hurt Locker."

After the movie I went to Oregon Humane Society (OHS) to work on my new volunteer project. The program gives anyone who qualifies on public assistance a spay or neuter at OHS for $10 per cat. We even have a small group of volunteers who will taxi them back and forth for people who can't make it. You should hear the calls I am taking with people desperate to get their cats fixed. The female cats are coming into heat right now and I can hear them yowling away in the background. Luckily we are scheduling them pretty quickly. The goal is 10,000 spay/neuters this year.

Anyway, that was my day. I am going to try and walk tomorrow. I feel like right now I might need consistency more than mileage right now. Walking needs to become a habit and something I do everyday!


  1. Oh, you gotta see The Blind Side! It's awesome! And wait 'til you hear how much they love TN. ha! That spay/neuter project sounds so awesome. I wish we had a Humane Society as great as yours.

    I'm not sweating the mileage too much. Can't really get in more than 2 miles a day until the time changes. Am trying to build up to longer mileage on weekends, but I agree, the important thing is just to get in the habit of walking.

  2. I agree with Missy - we have plenty of time to get the distance walking in. Right now, if you can do a little bit each week, it will be so much easier when you start the hard core walking! Love all you do for your humane society - it sounds like an awesome one!