Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 Miles

Keeping to the schedule, today was a 3 mile moderate walk. Done! I took the waterfront area that has a huge hill to get up and down. Near the end I stopped in a local bookstore and picked up "Portland Hill Walks." There are 20 walks all over town. Most are 3-6 miles so great for training. They go through a lot of historic area and the book describes what you are seeing. I am excited to try one.

At the bookstore I was telling the owner about the walk and she said a friend of hers is doing the Seattle walk. I told her how I hoped to train with some of the local walkers who are doing that one. She then told me her friend was a walk trainer named Bonnie. When I got home from my walk there was an email from Bonnie, a local walk trainer, introducing herself and inviting me to a training walk. How funny is that!

Yay! Good day!

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