Saturday, June 5, 2010

3.5 on a new trail

Today was BEAUTIFUL! 70° and sunny. This is how it should be this time of year but for the last 3 weeks we have been in the 50-60's and rainy. I took advantage of the great day and went for a 3.5 miles walk on a new path. It is a biking/pedestrian path that I have been a bit nervous about walking by myself. A girl has to be cautious. I figured today there would be lots of people out and about and there were so I felt safe. It actually backs up to houses and apartments the whole way and isn't as secluded as I thought. The other bonus is that the path has a gradual decline in elevation so the return was a slight rise which gave me a better workout. My thighs feel it.

I got an application for my Android called Runstar. It records my miles and time based on GPS. It keeps track of your elevation and time too and keeps historical data so you can see how you are improving. I love it!! Since I like to wander on my routes this keeps up with my total mileage. I am sure there are several of these apps out there but this one was free. Yay!!

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