Sunday, June 13, 2010

First group training walk

Today I attended my first group training walk. We are lucky to have a trainer in town since there is no 3 Day Portland. She told me that there are over 300 people in Portland doing walks all over. Today was a 5.5 mile walk. There were five of us walking and wearing our pink. 2 are doing the Seattle walk, 1 San Diego, 1 Twin Cities and me in Phoenix. This was the 6th walk for one gal and 3rd for another. Me and the trainer were the only first timers.

It was really nice to walk with some others that share the same goal. It was also great to talk with those that have done this before about tips and their own experiences. They gave me great ideas on gear too. One gal used the CamelBak which I had decided not to use because my back would get too hot. Her secret was filling it with ice. I might reconsider getting one since it would hold a lot more stuff.

The photo is from a few weeks ago at my local neighborhood parade. I loved the float and their name.


  1. Aaaah! What a cool float! I can see why you liked it and the name for some reason... ha! That's great you got to do a group training walk, too.

  2. Great float! And that ice idea in the CamelBak sounds like a great plan!