Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The official start

Over the weekend I received my first official training email for the walk. The weather turned nasty here a few weeks ago and I have been really slacking on the training so I figured this will be my fresh start.

I got in 3 miles today before the wind and rain. I guess I will either have to move the treadmill around into a usable space or deal with the rainy weather the next few days. We are very late in getting any warm weather and I will be so happy when sun gets to be part of my walking.

I went to one of those foot stores a while ago to figure out what was up with my feet hurting. Turns out I have high arches and very flexible feet. They said my feet are "special" so really only a $500 custom insert will help. I don't think my feet are that special. I ended up getting a $60 pair of inserts. The pain was immediately gone from the right, bigger foot. The left foot is 1/2 size smaller so the insert didn't work as well. Today I did some trimming and it seems to be better. The real test will be how my feet feel after tomorrow's walk, 2 days in a row.

24 weeks seems so close!!

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